Registration form: Australian Reconciliation Training

** for those people on limited incomes we are happy to negotiate payment by instalments.

Again thank you for your interest. We hope to offer the workshops in a place close to you very soon.

Christine and Pamela

Achieving Anti-oppressive Practice 2019: Expression of interest form

With sufficient interest, we will be offering our workshops in centres across Australia commencing May 2019. To achieve optimal creative learning opportunities we need a minimum of 16 participants for each workshop and a maximum of 24.

The workshops are pertinent to working with a range of oppressed or marginalised groups, however we have chosen to focus on exploring how to effectively engage with Australia’s First Nations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the interests of promoting Reconciliation. We also offer the workshops to Australia’s First Nation’s people to promote their capacity to engage effectively, and confidently with non-Indigenous people.

This will be two-way exploration of impediments to achieving anti-oppressive practice and positive strategies as the building blocks of Reconciliation.

So we ask that if you are interested in attending a workshop please complete the following form as that will help in our planning. Thank you.